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Friday, July 11, 2008

Drama Queens

4th of July was a lot of fun this year. The girls and I (Smoke was working of course) went over to my friend KD's house and had a barbecue and swam with many other good friends we love to hang out with. Tink can finally swim without assistance so being in the pool is so much more enjoyable. So we ate good food and enjoyed hanging out with 25 or so kids ranging from 9 1/2 to 4 weeks old.

So a few of the families decided to go see fireworks at MCC. I should admit here that I am not really that patriotic. Don't get me wrong - I love our country and am proud of our soldiers and respect the flag and all of that, but going to parades and fireworks to celebrate our independence has never been my thing. Well this year I decided to take my girlies to see the fireworks since I really did not have a good reason not to.

As we are driving into the parking lot, the guy directing traffic asks me for $5. I was like, "UH - I don't have $5 - I did not know this cost money" He says, "sure you did - if you know about the fireworks here, you must know there is a cost." I declared that I sure did not and that I did not even have my wallet with me and that I only came because my friends in the van in front of me invited me. So Mr. Traffic guy says, "well make them pay for you" so he starts yelling to the other traffic guy by my friend SD an KD and tells them to pay my $5. By this time the line of traffic behind me is ridiculously long and SD does not have an extra $5. I was just getting prepared to turn around when Mr. Traffic guy gets all irritated with me and basically growls, "just go ahead, you are holding up traffic"

Next we get to the spot on the grass we like and all 4 families that were there sit down with blankets, get kids situated and calmed down after major drama over who had glow sticks and who didn't and who had more than someone else. I am sure you can get the picture.

As the first set of fireworks goes off we see that we are literally right underneath them - it was fantastic and amazing. Because we were so close they were actually very loud as well - everytime they went off it sounded like gunshots. So picture the fireworks begin and then picture a 6 year old blonde girl named Tink begin to have the most traumatic and shocking reaction to them. Tink lets out the most blood curdling scream you can imagine - it was something right out of a horror movie. As she is screaming she begins to cry hysterically as if she is being beaten or like someone is performing surgery on her and they forgot to give her anesthesia. Tink keeps on holding her ears and burries her head in my shoulder.

I look over at Monk and though she is not crying, she is covering her ears too and looks pretty scared. I was in absolute shock. My girls aren't afraid of much, they both love to watch scary movies and don't get scared at all and then here they are acting like the biggest drama queens I have ever witnessed. Tink continued to scream and cry until I literally grabbed everything as quickly as I could and took off like a bat out of you know where. All I could think about was getting out if there as quickly as possible to avoid any more drama or embarassment. I also wanted my friends to have a nice time and there is no way that was going to happen with Tink flipping out publicly.

So I ushered my kids back to the car with a very "unhappy" face and we watched from the car. The next day they had the nerve to be disappointed when I said I would not take them back the next year.

So our celebration of Independence Day ended with more from the Drama Queens, a very very late night.

Happy Belated 4th of July to all of my friends!


Stacy said...

So sorry! :( That is such a bummer that they didn't enjoy it... you really are very close to the fireworks there. I remember the summer before BYU when I worked at the movie theater right behind MCC and got to go up on the roof during my break to watch the fireworks - it was awesome (and loud!). At least you didn't have to pay for it?! ugh.

Michael said...

first reaction when opening your blog was noticing we are BOTH DIE-HEART FANS OF DAVID COOK!!!

jusst kidding. we both have the same taste in blog styles. that's why we're related.

now I'm glad to know what your blog is so I can keep up on you as well while I'm gone!