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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Time Flies

School has just begun and I can't believe how fast the time flew by. I finally figured out how to download the pictures off my camera so I will attempt capture some of the fun things we have done since my last post (and some before).

My good friends took me to the Cheesecake Factory right after my birthday and we had a really great time. We watched the movie Get Smart and laughed more than anyone else in the theater - go figure!

My kids stayed behind with my friend D's hubby and their amazing kids and they had a blast watching Pirates of the Caribbean, the third one I think. Here are some pictures.

We also had an adventure at the Kiwanis Wave Pool. We invited some new friends to join us, the Gibson family, and we had a ton of fun. The wave pool was great - and scary at the same time. At one point HG and I were with Tink and her two small girls trying to get to the "shore" and the waves just kept hitting us. Wave 1 - Boom, I went down. Wave 2 - HG's little girl went down - I am trying to get up and the waves keep knocking me down and HG is trying to grab her little girl, while carrying her other little girl on her hip and then Boom - Wave number 3 hits and Tink goes down. HG tries to grab Tink as well and it was just so funny because I couldn't get my balance to get up and help, I just kept getting knocked down by the force of the waves. The whole experience was hilarious. There is so much chlorine in the pool that all of us were grossed out by our hair. It literally felt like Barbie hair. It took several washes for it to feel normal, but it was worth it. I definitely recommend the wave pool if your kids can swim.

We went to a friend's baptism and here is a cute picture of my girls and SD.

Monk has been a great kid this entire summer - helping out with her sissy and chores etc. so I rewarded her by taking her and her cousin J to Waterworld. We had a great time. We were there all day and were exhausted. That same week my nephew was visiting from CA and we all had a good time hanging out at the pool.

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Stacy said...

Sure, go ahead and post the pics of everyone else but not the ones with YOU on YOUR birthday, especially after we forced that stranger to be nice and take our picture :) LOL ~ that was a fun night!

ps: Tink is too cute in that little swimsuit with her long blond hair - looks like a beach girl to me.

I love all your new posts/pictures!