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Monday, April 28, 2008

Teenage Drivers #$@&#!*

So the latest drama in my life is that I was driving home from picking up Monk and Tink on Thursday, the 24th of April (which had already been one of the worst days ever for me). I am heading East on Elliot and I begin to cross the intersection at McClintock and Elliot on a yellow light. Low and behold the 18 year old girl in a 94Camry who is in the left turn lane opposite of me, trying to turn South onto McClintock, turns left directly in front of me and, yep - you guessed it - WHAMMO! I crashed right into her car. It was a pretty big accident. Her car was totalled, mine has a lot of damage to the undercarriage drivers side. I was not hurt, nor were the girls except I banged up my knee pretty bad and of course we all have whiplash. The other girls looked like a freakshow because their airbag deployed and cut up their lips and stuff. So out of nowhere, like cockroaches, all of these teenagers appear. I am dead serious - like 20 teenagers all holding traffic court right in front of the cops. I was less than pleased. She was cited for failure to yeild to oncoming traffic. I went to the ER to see how much damage my knee sustained (nothing major, just really banged up).

So now I am dealing with insurance companies, adjusters, a rental car. Okay so I go and pick up my rental car and it is a black HHR which looks exactly like a modern version of a hearse. Or it also looks like an extended PT cruiser. It is hideous. All I need are neon flashing lights underneath and I can go and drag race it in Guadalupe - oh, wait, did I just actually type that? So anyway, I get in the car and am overwhelmed with the odor of what could have been, the cleaning crew smoking doobies the night before. NO KIDDING! The car reaks of previously smoked hashish, refer, weed, pot etc. I would know the smell because - well no need to get into all of that - those of you who know me can fill in the rest of that story.....Hee Hee! I'll leave the rest of you to wonder.......

And just in case you think I am making it up, my mom got in the car the day I got it and said, "wow, it smells like pot in here." Ding Ding Ding - give her a prize Vanna - she hit the jackpot. And if any of you doubt that I know what pot smells like, you can't deny that my mother, the queen of smoking doobies in her day, smelled it right on.

So needless to say, I took the car back today and got a Saturn. I still feel like an elephant trapped in a mini cooper, but it is better than the weird looks I was getting from the odor that followed me around. I miss my Tahoe. Once you go big - you can't go back!


Tangie Baxter said...

OH MAN Leesh that is awful! SO SORRY TO HEAR about that ;(

LOVES and so glad you weren't hurt

Amy said...

Holy cow! ditto what Tangie said. I'm SO glad you & the girls weren't hurt (beyond the banged up knee). I hope you get your car fixed & everything taken care of soon. That's crazy about the 1st rental car smelling of pot...wow!
Love ya!