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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wanna Talk About Stuff?

So I had a profound moment with my Tink and I want to capture it. We were sitting down to dine together (Monk had decided to eat earlier) and after we were done eating Tink puts her little hands on her cheeks, elbows on the table and says to me, "Wanna talk about stuff?"

I smiled and said, "Sure, what do you want to talk about?"
Tink: "I don't care, what do you want to talk about?"
Me: "Okay, why do you make wrong choices at school?"
Tink: "No, I don't want to talk about that?"
Mom: "So what do you want to talk about then?"
Tink: "Anything but that mom!"

My profound moment was 1-managing to botch a perfect mom, daughter moment and 2-images of her at 13+ with the conversation going much the same way except I don't imagine her asking me if I want to talk about stuff. I imagine me begging her to talk about anything at all. I need to blog about this moment because I will one day miss these days with my girls more than I can even imagine. The fact that my girls yearn to talk to me about their lives and can't wait to spend all their time with me will someday go away and it makes me profoundly sad. I cherish these times where we are the "three amigo's the three musketeers" Everywhere I go, except for work, my girls are with me. They are my best friends and I get so much happiness from being around them. Yes, sometimes I need a major break because they are driving me crazy, but most of the time we just enjoy spending time together.

Today we went swimming - the water was so cold I almost could not stand it. Tink and Monk kept waiting patiently for me to get all the way in. I was taking my own sweet time and when they saw that I was almost ready to jump in, they both started cheering:

Tink: "Go mommy, go Mommy, go Mommy"
Monk: "You can do it mommy, just jump in, come on, you can do it!"

My girls, my gifts from God, my very own Cheerleaders in life. Will they always be my cheerleaders? Will they always consider me their mom and their best friend..? I don't think so, but for now, I will cherish the times we do have and pray the days don't go by any faster than they already are.

What more can I ask for right now? I am truly blessed.

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Britt2kick said...

Hey like you are my relatives. and for some strange reason everyone thinks that my husband reminds them of Justin. Anywho good to say hi.
This is britt one of the lonely ones in SLC.