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Thursday, May 29, 2008

What's Up Doc?

Lately, life has been less than extraordinary. I'll start with the better parts. Last week was Tink's Birthday and we had a good day on the 22nd. I took her and Monk to see The Chronicals of Narnia, Prince Caspian with my mom. My mom snored through the entire thing, but the girls and I loved it. It was raining and I LOVE the rain, LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! We went to dinner at Souper Salad and I am finally going to remember that I HATE that place. No matter which one I go to, I am always disappointed. I am a Sweet Tomatoes girl all the way.

Friday and Saturday are a blur, I can't even remember what the girls and I did. I know we played a bunch of board games - that is always fun. Oh, we played Bunco and I was so bored with it. I can't imagine the reason that it has become such a phenomenon, especially in the mormon culture.

Saturday night and Sunday were not so much fun because I have an eye infection and it got really bad over the weekend. By Monday it was getting better, then got worse again until I finally went to the eye doctor and got antibiotics. Monday we finally got our piano delivered and I am so excited to take lessons. Monk and I are going to take lessons and I am finally going to fulfil this dream of mine to learn to play the piano. Plus, I love the idea of there being music in our home over the next however many years that my daugthers and I create together.

Monday was also fun because I took the girls swimming, then the whole family including hubby, who finally had a day off, had tons of fun with friends for the rest of the night and I love spending time with good friends.

More later.......


Beth Brown said...

K, I am totally a Sweet Tomatoes girl too. We should go sometime this month.

Vincent said...

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