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Friday, June 13, 2008

Bathroom Etiquette

My friends at work said I just had to post this latest moment of embarassment in the life of Leesh, so here it is.

I was in the restroom stall the other day at work when I heard the door open and what appeared to be two men talking and at least one of them walking in to the women's restroom. I instantly thought, "oh my goodness, they misread the sign and they are walking in to use the restroom. So instead of just keeping quiet and laying low, I just had to open my big fat mouth and say in a not so nice tone.....

"Excuse me, this is a woman's restroom!" (in other words, get the heck out)

To which came the reply, in a similar tone as mine, but in one of the most "manly" voices I have ever heard,

"Yeah, and I'm a woman!"

Let's just say we should NEVER EVER make assumptions about people's gender based on
the pitch of their voice AND we should just keep our mouths shut in the bathroom no matter what happens so we don't get ourselves in trouble.


Alex & Ashleigh said...

I am laughing so hard right now! You are a total crack up!

The Four Moores said...

That sucks! But thanks for the LAUGH!
lov ya

Tangie Baxter said...

oh leesh. THAT could only happen to you. (((HUGS))) and lotsa love I read lots of your other posts too, but just gonna bop in here and say hi!